• Seconds SALE - B and C Grade Pins

Seconds SALE - B and C Grade Pins

$ 4.50


Add a little spunk to your wardrobe or built your pin collection with these discounted pins. B-grade pins mean that there are some small imperfections that do not meet our quality standards such as dents, scratches, specks, overfill, or wrong color fill towards the edges of the pin. Pins are absolutely wearable and imperfections are noticeable upon inspection.

C grade pins have more noticeable imperfections. They are missing enamel fill, have the wrong color fill in noticeable areas (example, leaf is white instead of green in the center of pin), or accidental color on white areas. They are still perfectly wearable. Some pins have dust, light marks, or bubbles. A few example images are shown.

Pins are shipped at random. Please show these pins some love!

Imperfections are not necessarily reflected in the images shown.

  • 1.25" Wide - Floral Bear, 1.5" Tall - Floral Unicorn, 1.25" - Floral Fox
  • Gold Plating - Bear, Unicorn, Copper Plating - Fox
  • Hard Enamel
  • Ginably Logo stamped on the back
  • Final sale, no returns

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