Mystery Grab Bag Pins - Seconds Grade

$ 18.00

Add a little spunk to your wardrobe or built your pin collection with this pin.

What is a Seconds Grade Pin?
Due to the handmade nature of pins, standard pins by Ginably have either no or minor flaws only noticeable upon close inspection. Seconds grade pins mean that there is a small visible imperfection. However the flaws are subtle enough that it does not ruin the pin design.

What type of flaws could there be?
Flaws can be specks, miscoloring, color bleeding, smudges, scratches, missing enamel fill, overfill, or the wrong color filled. If the flaw is located on the back of the pin, the pin will be graded as a standard pin and not a seconds grade pin. Pins are shipped at random from the available designs. There is no guarantee what type of imperfection may be on the pin.

***NOTE Some imperfections will be more noticeable than others even among the same grade category. Images shown in the listing may not have the same type of flaw as the pin you are purchasing. They are shown as examples only***

  • Four pins are selected at random from available stock. Effort will be made to avoid duplicates
  • Seconds Grade Hard Enamel Pins
  • Black rubber clutch closure
  • Ginably Logo stamped on the back