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The Brand

“Ginably stems from ‘imaginably’: conceivable in the imagination.”

Ginably (gina-blee) is a Texas-based nature inspired, whimsical brand dedicated to delivering quality art prints, stationery, and home goods. The goal is to create awareness and support for small businesses around the nation by creating elegant, colorful pieces for everybody and anybody's home. Most of Ginably's print product features fresh, delicate floral watercolor and unique animal silhouettes. Ginably produces all print products in house while sourcing fabric printing and notepad printing to other small businesses across the United States.


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Take a look at the FAQ page for more information about the handmade process behind each product. Ginably is currently based on Houston, Texas, but you can often find Gina traveling to Austin or Dallas for craft shows. Visit "Upcoming Shows" under the "Stockists" page for more information about upcoming craft shows in Texas you can find Ginably. 


gina su drawing

Meet the Maker

Owner & Artist, Gina Su
Welcome! Meet Gina Su–the artist and owner of Ginably: exceptionally beautiful, handmade, art prints, stationary and other fabric accessories.


Graduating from The University of Texas, Austin with a degree in mechanical engineering, the then emerging artist decided to go down the path of growing her online store on Etsy.com. And even though engineering was a far cry from art, Gina succeeded in growing Ginably into a fully-fledged local creative business.By turning her insatiable passion for art into this whimsical brand, Gina built something more; something she’d always imagined it to be.


Wishing to adorn her Ginably products with images she was profoundly passionate about, visitors of her website will immediately get a feel for the artist’s distinctive style from the fresh, nature-inspired, delicate floral watercolors and unique animal silhouettes appearing across her suite.


Aspiring to not only grow the awareness and support for small businesses nationwide with her own burgeoning brand, this dutiful owner also aimed to create elegant, colorful pieces of art that can be used by anyone at home, in the office, or simply on the move.


Currently working hard and very happily, Gina can be found based in Houston, Texas.




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